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How To: Teams

The Healthy U Wellness Challenge thrives on teamwork. This year, teams were tweaked to provide you with more control of who is on your team, viewing their point totals, and more. In an effort to keep it short, sweet and to the point, here is a quick step-by-step guide of becoming a team player.


  1. Each team must have at minimum 4 participants.
  2. Each team may not exceed 10 participants.
  3. Team names must be appropriate (inappropriate names will be removed).

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Creating a Team

Want to create a team? Good for you! Way to be an initiator! You can access the link to create a team at your Challenge Profile under the Teams tab. The way to create a Team is fairly simple. First, you'll want to select "Create a team".

Then, you just name it! Boom! Done!

create a team image

Add in a name for your Team and you'll be automatically joined. You will be unable to do this if you are already a member on another Team. After adding a Team name and clicking "Create Team" you will be automatically added and sent back to your Challenge Profile.


Joining a Team

Our goal is to make your life easier. Ya know, let you focus on earning points and being healthy. From the Team tab on your Challenge Profile, you will see the join option. All you need to know is your team name. Just start typing and the team names will auto-populate (dropdowns work too).

After the team has been chosen, you can click "Join Team" and you'll be added. One catch: if the team already has 10 members, you will be unable to join.

Your Team!

You deserve to know where your team stands and who's helping. From your Challenge Profile, navigate to the Team details. The list will show you who is on your team, the team point totals, and team size.

Points are automatically updated every so often so your team view should have the freshest points.  Note that only teams with the appropriate minimum number of players (4) will be featured on the leaderboards and eligible for prizes.

You also have the option from this screen to leave your existing team. Note: if you are the only person on your team (as seen in this screenshot) your team will permanently be deleted.