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How It Works

How the Challenge Works

What your Challenge registration fee gets you:

  • 6 punch pass to Campus Rec for non-members
  • Access to a wide-range of events
  • Physical activity programs each week, including special group exercise classes, meditation, and more
  • New physical and mental strategies to increase your personal happiness
  • Incentive prizes upon earning enough points
  • The chance to win weekly raffle prizes throughout the challenge

Next steps after registration:

  1. The Challenge begins on January 17th and you can start logging points on that date.
  2. Each week, keep track of your healthy habits, exercise, and event attendance (see the Event Calendar). You can use this handy fillable tracking sheet, your sharp memory, or a notebook to keep track. Do what works best for you!
  3. Make sure to go online no later than 5:00pm every Monday, log in, and log everything you’ve tracked for the week.

Earning points

All participants are eligible to earn incentives when they log 180 points.

Throughout the challenge you will be able to earn points in three categories.

Healthy Habits:

We have created four unique healthy habits within each of the eight areas of the Wellness Wheel. You get to personalize your challenge by selecting 1 habit per week from each area of the Wellness Wheel and creating one individual healthy habit that perfectly fits your health and wellness goals.  You will earn 3 points for each habit you successfully accomplish and log each week. Max of 27 points per week

wellness wheel

Make sure to keep track of your physical activity, you can earn 1 point per 30 minutes of exercise you engage in during the challenge. You can log a maximum of 25 exercise points per week, or 12.5 hours of exercise. For more information on exercise recommendations check out the American College of Sports Medicine’s website.  

Event Participation:
We will have two different types of events in this year’s Challenge.

  1. HUWC Events: These are unique events to the challenge that are designed to cover various areas of the Wellness Wheel. You will earn 10 points for attending and participating in each of these events.
  2. Highlighted Campus Rec Activities: These are pre-existing events put on by Campus Rec and will primarily focus on physical fitness. You will earn 5 points for attending and participating in each of these events, and you can use these events to log exercise minutes as well!

All point-logging is self-reported -- to get the greatest benefit from this Wellness Challenge it is important that you be honest in reporting how many healthy habits you engage in, how much physical activity you do, and how many events you attend.

You will receive a weekly e-mail giving you information about upcoming events, tips, leaderboard updates, reminders to log your points and more!

The final day to log points will be Monday, February 27th. For more specific information on point logging, please visit the FAQs page.

Are you in? Good! Go to the Registration Page for more info on how to sign up.