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The Healthy U Wellness Challenge is open to ALL members of the PSU community.  This includes all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. You do NOT have to be a Rec Center member to participate.

Participating in HUWC is free to all current members of the Rec Center (hint: all currently enrolled PSU students are already members). Other members of the PSU community such as faculty, staff, and alumni will need to pay a $10 registration fee at the Member Services desk in the Rec Center. After paying you will receive a punch pass for 6 visits to the Rec Center.

If you are not a Rec Center member, please register at the Member Services Counter of the Rec Center located on the 2nd floor of the Academic and Student Rec Center (ASRC). Once paid, you need to create an account on this site. If you are already a member (hint: all currently enrolled PSU students are already members) simply create an account on this website! Then you can access the “log your points” page and other challenge specific content.

Individuals can register at any point during the Challenge, which continues through February 26th, 2017. Registration opens Monday Jan 9th. In order for points to count from the first week, you must pay the $10 fee at Member Services (non-members only), create your online account (all participants), and log your points by Monday, January 23rd at 5pm. Points cannot be backlogged.

Individuals who would like to create or join a team should reference this "How To" on building or joining a team. Teams must be 4-10 people. Team members must each first complete all individual registration steps.

All teams must be created and finalized by Sunday, January 29th. Individuals cannot be added to teams and new teams cannot be formed after this date. 

Throughout the challenge you will be able to earn points in three categories.

Healthy Habits:

We have created four unique healthy habits within each of the eight areas of the Wellness Wheel. You will earn 3 points for each habit you successfully accomplish and log each week, with a maximum of 1 habit from each area of the Wellness Wheel.


Make sure to keep track of your physical activity since you can earn 1 point per 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise you engage in during the challenge. You can log a maximum of 25 exercise points per week, or 12.5 hours of exercise. For more information on exercise recommendations check out the American College of Sports Medicine’s website.  

Event Participation:

We will have two different types of events in this year’s Challenge. 

  • HUWC Events: These are unique events to the challenge that are designed to cover various areas of the Wellness Wheel. You will earn 10 points for attending and participating in each of these events.
  • Highlighted Campus Rec Activities: These are pre-existing events put on by Campus Rec and will primarily focus on physical fitness. You will earn 5 points for attending and participating in each of these events, and you can use these events to log exercise minutes as well!

Team points are determined by averaging the number of points submitted for each individual team member. Therefore, a 4 person team and a 10 person team have an equal chance of winning the challenge.

Your 6 visits can be used for any activity within the Rec Center that does not require an additional fee. This includes, but is not limited to:  weight room, cardio equipment, Group X classes, climbing center, pool, basketball courts, indoor track, and Healthy U Wellness Challenge Activities. This does NOT include personal training, swim lessons, intramurals, and other activities that require an additional fee.

Points should be submitted individually on the Log Points page. You will need to create a login and unique username (which will be used to post point totals on the leaderboard) the first time you log points. Points must be submitted by 5:00pm of the Monday following that week. If points are not submitted by Monday at 5:00pm there will be no way to go back and log points for previous weeks so set an alarm in your phone or mark your calendar!

Note that this year you DO NOT need to register for events on the event calendar to receive points. Just select “yes” or “no” next to the event on the point logging page to indicate if you participated or not.

Need help keeping track of your Healthy Habits throughout the week?  Use this fillable tracking sheet and then easily transfer your points to the online log points page every Monday by 5pm.

Absolutely! If you already have incorporated one of our healthy habits into your lifestyle this is great; congratulate yourself for a job well done! This being said, since you now have the ability to choose the healthy habit you want to work on within each aspect of the wellness wheel, we encourage you to focus on new habits that you can work towards during the Challenge. Remember that you will only get points for one habit from each area of the wellness wheel each week.

Yes!  We highly encourage people to participate in the special events we are offering during this challenge and you will be rewarded with a lot of points for attending!  For example, if you attend our Wheelchair Basketball clinic you would receive 5 points for CREC event participation AND points for exercise minutes.

Yes! Biking or walking to work will satisfy the “Used alternative transportation 3 times this week” healthy habit and is absolutely physical activity.  Please track and submit these exercise minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about the significance of this year’s healthy habits check out our full descriptions of each of the Healthy Habits under the Challenge Info portion of the website.

Please contact the Healthy U Team at with additional questions